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Why Get A Registry Cleaner When You Can Get a Registry Cleaner/Spyware Remover and Driver Updater All Rolled Into One?

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Registry Cleaner Reviews - the 2011 update compiled by certified computer technician Ed Lathrop

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Our Number 1 Rated Registry Cleaner Will Fix Your Computer Whether it is Registry Corruption Causing Problems Or Something Else!

This Windows Registry Compare Chart is the result of checking 61 different registry cleaners against one another! Comprehensive Lab tests were performed, but unlike most registry reviews, this one reviews actual hands on experience with the registry cleaners as well as actually dealing with the company's support team! We put ourselves in the end user's shoes and rate our experience with the product from that perspective.

Registry Cleaner Review
Rated Name Company

As Well As

Spyware &
XP, Vista & Win7?
1 PC Health Advisor

Top Notch




2,3,4,5,6 Any Other Be
Usually Not No Not Always

We feel PC Health Advisor is way ahead of the field of registry cleaners. For one thing it ranked number one in our test as the best software program for cleaning all registry corruption from a Windows operating system, thus restoring the computer's speed and performance level.

However, what sets this great program apart from all the others is the fact it is not only a registry cleaner but it is a spyware cleaner and a driver updater as well! How can there be any comparison when this registry cleaner does so much more then repair Windows registries. We find it is also a top-notch malware/spyware remover and has a huge database of drivers.

So, even if you weren't looking for a driver updater, you may be doing so at some point. Why not cover all your bases now and get one as a free bonus inside of this package which includes the best registry cleaner on the market today.

Device drivers have a tendency to become outdated. They do this because Windows updates regularly but device drivers don't. So, device drivers can become outdated and when they are outdated they will not work with the Windows operating system as well as they once did. The result is a computer that is slow and will not perform to its full potential. These symptoms are very similar to the symptoms a computer gets when it needs its registry cleaned.

The danger here is; you may think your computer needs to get its registry cleaned so obviously, you will go get a registry cleaner. Then, after the registry is clean you may find your computer is not restored to its once speedy condition. What you would have to do next is make sure you had no malware present on your hard drive and if this were the case, you would have to scan for outdated, bad, or missing drivers.

When you have PC Health Advisor you no longer have to do this because PC Health Advisor is a registry cleaner, a malware cleaner and a driver fixer all in one. It will update out of date drivers and it will replace bad or missing drivers. It does this all automatically.

On top of all this, PC Health Advisor cost no more than the average registry cleaner! What more could you want?

Why not get a free complete computer scan with PC Health Advisor, all you have to do is click here.


Company Support - This Factor is Huge!!!

How much does company support mean to our Windows Registry Repair Compare Chart? Here is what one of our customers has say about our top rated cleaner…

"I can't believe how friendly and responsive their support is. I must say , this was the most important thing for me because I am so technologically challenged. The girl who helped me was great! Pamella C, Medford, OR

PC Health Advisor has very knowledgeable and friendly people working for them!. I had upgraeded my Windows Xp from ME and there was something about my computer's file system that was unique because of this. Their support team figured this out right away and I had my registry cleaned and my computer running faster than ever in no time! Isaac, S Medina OH

Corruption in the registry is the most prevalent problem computer owners face today! A computer's Windows Operating system can only be as healthy as its registry. The Windows registry, in effect, tells the operating system what to do next. If it is corrupt, naturally its instructions will lead the operating system toward poor performance. In extreme cases, the operating system will become inoperable!

We trust all the entries on our chart to be able to a thorough job of cleaning and optimizing your registry no matter what version Windows is runnung on your PC!

No one should have a problem with a registry repair/cleaner program interfering with other software on his/her PC. I know one person who had more lockups after she installed an inferior registry cleaner than before she had installed it. There is no doubt about it, a poor registry cleaner will bring more harm than good. Don't risk it, make sure to only use a highly rated, tried and true registry cleaner!

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